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The Difference between Interactive LED Floor Tiles and Projectors

Nowadays, once a creative product is released, it is popular with the public, such as the small pixel pitch LED display screen, outdoor SMD LED display, transparent LED display, 3D led display, etc., of

 course, the interactive floor tile screen, instantaneously aroused people's curiosity as it comes out, so what is interactive floor tile screen, what's the difference between led floor tile and 

projection screen? LED display manufacturer will explain to you. 



LED screen interactive floor tile

    LED Floor tile is special designed led display for the use on the ground, which needs special design of indicators such as bearing, protective performance, anti-fog performance and the heat dissipation and, so it can adapt the high strength trample, long running, reducing maintenance. It can be widely used because of the changeable and colorful ground color.


P4 indoor LED floor tiles

Recently, LED floor tiles with interactive features injected a new idea for the market. Different from traditional led floor tile which can only be fixed in accordance with the scheduled program broadcast video to cater to performers show, interactive LED floor tile screen based on the principle of induction, which can be able to follow the activities of the human body to present the real-time picture, thus can realize such as the water ripples, the bloom effect, for performance when actors walked by, to create a more beautiful light and shadow for weddings and other activities .


 P10 indoor interactive LED dance floor

Although traditional floor tile screen also can get similar results by means of playing design video in advance, but the scene is often full of uncertainty, needs to have special staff responsible for 

video broadcast, adjustment, not only wastes a lot of resources, but also can't achieve timely and accurate. However, interactive floor tile screen can solve this problem.   

    At present in order to achieve a similar effect, of course, we also can use interactive projection technology. Based on the infrared radiation, human body movement and awareness to the projector 

projects the pattern of the dynamic changes on the ground. Compared with the interactive led floor tiles, the interactive projection has the advantage of wider imaging range, not within the scope of the

 screen, and the project scope is bigger. When the actor need to be projected on the graphics of the body, the interactive projection is more convenient. Of course, when players don't need imaging, led floor tile is more convenient.

    Currently, the problem of the LED display market of product homogeneity is increasingly obvious, t enterprise are trying to build their own advantage through product and application innovation.

 The emergence of the interactive floor tile screen provides a more efficient way for stage performance creative implementation, which is a good complement equipment for the current stage shows and 

also provides a promising direction of the market for the LED display manufacturers.

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