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6 points to choose a good LED display

LED display can be seen everywhere now, but do you know how to distinguish a good LED display from the bad ? The following 6 points will give you the answer.

1. The flatness

Screen surface flatness has to be within + / - 1 mm to ensure that they image is not distorted, partial convex or concave leads to the blind point of display .The flatness is mainly decided by the

 production technique.

2. The brightness and the viewing Angle

Indoor full color led display brightness has to be above 800 cd/sqm, outdoor full color led display brightness has to be above 1500 cd/sqm to guarantee the normal work of the screen, otherwise the image

 will not be clear because the brightness is too low. The brightness of LED display is determined by Led chip.

 Viewing angles directly depends on the number of the audience, so the bigger the better. The size of the viewing angle is mainly affected by the way of encapsulation of LED chip.

3. The white balance effect

The white balance effect is one of the most important indicator of led display . In chromatology,  red, green and blue color for the proportion of 1:4.6 : 0.16, there will be the pure white. The stand

 or fall of the white balance is mainly decided by the control system, reducibility may also be affected by LED chip.

4. Color reducibility

Color reducibility is refers to the displaying color reducibility, the color of the display shows has to be in  consistent with the color of the source, so as to ensure the reality of image.

5. No Mosaic, dead point

Mosaic refers to the black small squares appear on the screen, which is module necrosis phenomenon, the main reason is the connectors quality are not good.

Dead point refers to a single point appear on the screen, the number of the dead point is mainly determined by the LED chip.

6. No color lump

Color lump refers to clear aberration between the adjacent modules, color transition in module, color lump

 phenomenon mainly caused by the poor control system, low grey level, low scanning frequency.

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